FT5 Goal Master

Why does it seem that everyone on the sideline believes that they can play the game better than you? Every coach, soccer mom, even the cheerleaders think they can run this field more efficiently. This is why when you're a player, a tough hide is essential so you can block everything out and focus on one goal. We feel the same way and made our ball even tougher with a nylon wound cover called the MikasaHyde. Our patented cover will stand up against the most physical and verbal, style of play. Now that you have the best ball, it's all up to you. 1-Year Warranty.

  • Size 5 - Official
  • Goal Master Model
  • Official Ball of Footvolley
  • Molded Triangle Pattern
  • Mikasa Hyde Cover
  • Soft Built
  • Nylon Wound

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Price: $44.99